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今天实在是太难受了。Today, i felt so bad.

过去的两天里只睡了三个小时。我有努力的去睡了,可是睡不着。I have only slept 3 hours in the last two days. I have tried to sleep, but I could not.

连阴雨大概已经快三十天了。前天下了将近20个小时。It has been raining for 30 days consecutively, endlessly. It rained 20 hours the day before yesterday.

手指间的部位,湿疹又开始蠢蠢欲动了。Eczema is trying to grows between my fingers.

在连载的文,居然突然间就失去了写作动力。The series of book review I am writing, I have lost my momentum of writing it.

明明大纲都有,材料也不缺。Its outline have done. Its material are prepared.

就是突然的不想写了。But suddenly, I do not want to write it anymore.

我变成了一条咸鱼。I am wasted.

我不太想摸到脸上的痘痘,可是又无济于事。I do not want to touch my acnes on my face, but I could not help myself.

今天好想洗头发,可是热水已经用完了。I want to wash my hair today, but the hot water have been used out.

好想去朋友家吃荔枝,吃凉皮。I would like to visit my friend, have litchis and cold noodles.

有人邀请我去京畿地方游览,叫我出人就行,费用不用担心。There is a friend who invites me to visit her family in the capital area. She said that I did not have to worry about the fee, the only thin I needed to do was to take a train and visit hers.

可是去不了。北京又戒严了。Sadly, I cannot go. Beijing have enforced another wave of quarantine recently.

新一代COVID-19 G614,代替了脆弱的COVID-19 D614,逐渐成为主流群体。The new generation G614 of COVID-19 is gradually replacing the original D614 type.

这是一场,没有终点的监禁。This is an endless incarceration,

没有终末的忍耐。There is no end of the endurance.

就像我的人生。It is similar to my life.

生如白夜。I am living in a world, whose day is as dark as its night.

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