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It is this half that leaves infinite reverie in the sky of literature...
  2018-08-10 10:32:31
The first time I read the article about online love, it is very clear that it was "My Blue Yan Bosom Friend", published in prose online, the click-through rate is quite high.

The first person's writing, if let you experience a deep-rooted love, the heart can not say the pain. I admire the author's rendering, even if there is no love, but also with tears. In the first reading, there is a picture in my mind: before the end of the world, the silent computer, a stern man, smiling on the text of the window, on the other side of time and space, elegant woman, white dress skirt, long hair flutter, slender ten fingers hitting the keyboard... Originally, the radio wave transmission of love, unexpectedly is such elegant.

Later, in similar words, also around. I think it's more than that.

"Last year and today in this door, the face of peach blossoms reflect red. The human face does not know where to go, the peach blossom still laughs the spring breeze. If Cui Caizi of Tang Dynasty could have a computer or a mobile phone, would it be a good luck? So who's wrong? He left only his QQ number or Weixin, let alone the next year, is ten years, as long as she cares, she will certainly wait in the peach blossom splendid place. This will not be a sad story for thousands of years.

It is the times that have caused the pitfalls, but a play has not been performed according to our requirements. Half of it, we put a stop to the end. From then on, he was him, she was her.

Imagine, if this is the case: Cui Caizi left his QQ number, officialdom was recommended, step by step, or the market to fight, little success. In my spare time, I never forget to whisper with the girl in the peach garden in a green dress and red jacket. And then what about it? Later, Cui gifted the son may rise or the wealth of the family, when the peach like girl is also fading away, a certain day he has a confidant, what is the girl is so worried? Do we dare to think about it?

So the other half, the unknown, is guessed at will. In the first half of the play, we see grace, and in the second half, is it beauty or sin? Who can tell?

Is there a feeling of beauty in tears? It is clear that the wonderful people come on, how good! She saw her tears. A rapid melancholy of joy is entangled. Half, just half of the beauty, enough, do not deliberately pursue the next reincarnation.

A few days ago, I looked at the new edition of the journey to the west, with the Tang Monk and a number of goblins in the new edition. The deepest thing I remember is the mouse spirit. In the past life, a mouse in Leiyin Temple was transformed into a human form by drinking the lamp oil left by the golden cicada, the predecessor of the Tang monk. Afterwards, he admired the golden cicada and looked at him meditating. He accidentally overturned the lamp in front of the Buddha Hall, causing a fire and was demoted to be a demon. It is 300 years to wait for opportunity in the bitter life of cultivation. It was hard to wait until the Tang Buddhist monk wholeheartedly converted to the Buddhist gate, only if she had a fate in the afterlife. Several twists and turns down, but it is the Eight Precepts point to break her: three hundred years for a one-sided bond, you are worth it. In the past and in this life, there is no afterlife, so let's call it a curtain call. It's graceful, or it's a bad end.
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