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What are the advantages of 4G modules?
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  2022-08-10 14:24:45

4G module refers to a general term for a product whose hardware is loaded into a specified frequency band, software supports standard LTE protocol, and software and hardware are highly integrated and modular. It has the characteristics of good compatibility, large amount of communication data data acquisition module and fast speed.

good compatibility

The 4G module supports FDD LTE/TD-LTE two LTE standards, and is also backward compatible with 2G/3G, and supports LTE-FDD, LET-TDD, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA, GSM and other frequency bands.

Large amount of communication data

The maximum downlink rate of the 4G module can reach 150Mbps, and the maximum uplink rate can reach 50Mbps, providing customers with functions such as high-speed Internet access and wireless data connection, suitable for applications of large data transmission

fast communication

The 4G module has a lower ping value than the 2G/3G module, and the time from the module sending data packets to receiving the response from the server is shorter, which is suitable for applications that require high response speed.


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