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How to choose an enterprise-grade firewall
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  2022-08-11 11:48:10

For company network security, the firewall plays a key role, and only it can prevent all kinds of threats from the Internet that never stop. firewall mini pc . The choice of firewall also has a great influence on the connection of remote terminals to the central system to obtain necessary resources or complete important tasks.

1. Depending on the business model, some network security devices can provide a large number of functions and comprehensive services, but require companies to bear high prices, while others only include basic services, but the cost of procurement is also very low. This depends on the demand for purchasing.

2. Good ease of use In terms of security, many firewalls can provide a high degree of security while providing a friendly graphical interface to facilitate management.

3. Must include VPN support The purpose of the firewall's existence is not limited to preventing network hacker attacks and illegal data output. A good firewall should also be able to establish a secure channel for remote connections and monitor them.

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