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What people today consume bottled drinking water is pure water, great for health. Even so, in recent years, some tests institutions have discovered that the h2o source link of your drinking water dispenser may also lead to the secondary air pollution in the drinking water good quality. For that reason, some manufacturers of bottled drinking water started to pay attention to this issue, and well timed additional the supporting company of door-to-door washing drinking water dispenser.

Are these so-called qualified disinfection household? Due to this, the editorial office of the journal requests the brands of bottled ingesting h2o to ship special personnel into the door to disinfect the water dispenser. The reporter viewed the full disinfection course of action and took photographs. Guo Changyi, deputy director of Shanghai illness regulate middle, was invited to comment about the operation of disinfection personnel.

The very first move in the Disinfector: Unplug the facility plug, get rid of the bucket, convert around the drinking drinking water change, and place the remaining h2o during the cavity in the drinking water dispenser.

Professional evaluation and analysis: the initial action to disinfect the h2o dispenser should be to release all of the remaining h2o within the cavity of the h2o dispenser. Nevertheless, we ordinarily open the tap in the h2o dispenser, only a small component of the drinking water could be introduced, so there is a excellent absence of this technique. Accurate way: 1st open the drain pipe in the back of the h2o dispenser to drain the residual h2o. As the residual drinking water from the drain pipe will be the important on the secondary pollution of your h2o dispenser, then change on the many drinking drinking water switches to drain the drinking water.

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Move 2: clamp the alcoholic beverages cotton with tweezers, and punctiliously scrub the inner and outer sides of the water dispenser tank as well as protect.

Experts comment: because of to immediate contact using the air, these parts of the h2o dispenser are easy to build up microbes. Scrubbing with liquor can clear away the dust and get ready to the following step of disinfection.

Action 3: pour three hundred ml multifunctional disinfectant into your inner tank from the drinking water dispenser and soak for 10-15 minutes.

Qualified evaluation and examination: the potential from the chamber on the h2o dispenser is about 2 liters, and only three hundred ml disinfectant can disinfect the extremely confined chamber house from the drinking water dispenser. These disinfection is ineffective.

Correct way: dissolve 300 ml disinfectant into two L h2o, then fill the complete cavity, and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Move 4: turn over the ingesting h2o switch and drain the disinfectant.

Experts' responses: as pointed out higher than, the ingesting drinking water swap can only discharge element of the disinfectant, a lot of that happen to be nonetheless while in the cavity. Otherwise exhausted, it is going to come to be a new supply of h2o air pollution.

Appropriate way: turn on each of the switches from the h2o dispenser, including the drain pipe and the water change, and drain the disinfectant.

Move five: flush the complete drinking water dispenser cavity with 1000ml apparent h2o, and then transform on all switches of your h2o dispenser to empty drinking water.

Evaluation and assessment: it's not more than enough to scrub with 1000ml crystal clear h2o, that may final result inside the residual disinfectant in the water dispenser.

Correct technique: use 7-8 liter obvious h2o to scrub the whole chamber on the drinking water dispenser consistently, convert on all switches to empty the flushing liquid.

Action six: wipe the back wall from the water dispenser switch which has a rag.

Skilled remark and investigation: when using the cup to carry h2o, it's simple to the touch the back wall in the swap from the drinking water dispenser, so it could not be basically decontaminated in this article.

Suitable way: wipe the back again wall with the switch with liquor cotton.

Conclude posture: placed on the barreled drinking water, the disinfection personnel turn about the switch, place a glass of h2o and consume it up, indicating the consumer can drink it properly.

Expert evaluation and investigation: soon after the drinking water dispenser is sterilized, there may be traces of disinfectant residue, which can not be drunk quickly.

Accurate way: put a glass of h2o and odor if there is chlorine. If that is so, drain water yet again right until you can not scent chlorine before you can drink it properly.

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