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Impact on the semiconductor business
  2020-05-14 10:02:19

As part of the "Information Age" coronavirus diary series, Woz Ahmed, chief strategy officer and chief of staff of Imagination Technologies, discusses how the flu pandemic affects the semiconductor business and discusses the future Challenges and the way forward Coronavirus Diary: Impact on the image of semiconductor companies

How does Covid-19 affect this semiconductor business?

The semiconductor business Imagination Technologies is one of the cornerstones of the global technology industry. Its semiconductor intellectual property-graphics, ray tracing, artificial intelligence, security, and connectivity-can create complex system-on-chip devices that power the world around us-smartphones, data centers in the cloud, cars, drones, Internet streaming , Industry 4.0, etc.

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Imagination is headquartered in the United Kingdom and operates in all major global technology centers. Its team supports global B2B customers and is an important part of the global technology supply chain, most of which are located in China and Taiwan.

The impact
of coronaviruses on imagination and global depth of technology As China (the key to the technology supply chain and the epicenter of new coronaviruses) is hit, the development of the global technology industry has almost stalled.

Both Chinese customers and suppliers are locked and employees are either staying in the main technology clusters in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, or confined to the homes of family members in each province (this is part of the annual immigration during the Lunar New Year holidays).

Our team at the UK headquarters and the local management team in Shanghai acted decisively, complied with government directives, and at the same time ensured that every employee (no matter where he was) was explained and asymptomatic (based on our knowledge at the time). We assessed the possible impact on our business in terms of upfront licensing income and royalty income from the transportation of the final product containing our technology, and implemented a mitigation plan.

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