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Why website traffic statistics are important
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  2020-06-03 11:23:53

Robots Agreement

We know that for the robots.txt file, it is mainly to assist search engines to better understand the status of the website, such as: which pages can crawl, and which pages can not. Here for the new station, we highly recommend that you use the robots protocol to reasonably block the "?" Symbol.

Targeting the correct keywords with certain groups of audience is definitely not a piece of cake. This is what calls for hiring a professional hong kong digital marketing company to do the right digital marketing of your business.

Website URL form

For new sites, we usually recommend that you choose pseudo-static. After all, dynamic URLs often have the problem of repetitive content inclusion due to dynamic parameter problems, which causes the weight of the new site to be too scattered. For websites with a relatively large amount of data, the use of static pages is not particularly ideal.

You will find a wide range of Hong Kong digital marketing and hong kong seo services. Apart from SEO, our wide-ranging Hong Kong digital marketing tools and services include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through which you can hit the nail on the head.

Website traffic statistics, why website traffic statistics are important, how does it involve search engine friendly issues, in fact, according to the data of traffic statistics, we can filter the relevance of page keywords, and readjust the keyword matching of the column Yes, the entire site is more relevant to the subject.

It is not just a hong kong seo company with expertise in Hong Kong country. It also caters to the Chinese market with immense talent and great coverage. It offers other services as well along with phenomenal SEO services.
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