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Children's toy selection guide
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  2021-11-05 16:50:02
⒈Look at the packaging. Genuine creative toys are well-packaged. The packaging should be impeccable whether it is sealed or printed. If the pattern text on the packaging is blurred, it is not a genuine product in all likelihood. Most of the pirated creative toys are not exactly the same in packaging as the genuine ones. Pay attention to the packaging patterns provided on the official website or publicity.

⒉If you are shopping online, the pictures provided by everyone are similar, then look at the price. The price of the original version and the original version will not be too cheap.

⒊About the tail goods. Many people like to buy tailed goods and feel that they are good and cheap. China is a large factory in the world, so manufacturers and products will be uneven, and the outflow of some irregular defective products is nothing new. However, as far as creative toys are concerned, the technological content of creative toys is either very high or very low, so it is not common to have bulk and tailings.

⒋Some toy packages are printed with Chinese version, Asian Chinese version and other words. At first glance, it looks like an authorized product of the original version, so take a closer look if there is an original trademark, or check whether there is an original authorized trademark circle C or circle R. Many authorized versions have anti-counterfeiting stickers, so please pay attention to this.

⒌Since June 1, 2007, the state has implemented compulsory product certification for six types of toy products, including baby carriages, electric toys, projectile toys, plush toys, soft toy wholesale, plastic toys, and metal toys, whose quality level directly affects children’s health and safety ( CCC). For the above six types of products, it is necessary to see whether the CCC mark is affixed.


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