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Hong Kong companies scramble to list
  2020-06-19 10:35:44

But like more and more Hong Kong people, Carrie Lam now feels that he has no choice but to leave. "I have no confidence in the future of Hong Kong," she said in an interview. " "I have two young children, so I have to make a plan for them."

Executive Solutions Ltd works closely with clients to set up china virtual office, helping you to enter the Chinese market at lowest prices in China. Contact us at 31882245 to make doing business in China simple and easy!For many Hong Kongers who have long worried about the erosion of their freedom under Chinese rule, last week was a turning point. Beijing's decision to impose controversial national security legislation on the former British colony prompted them to take action, with residents asking immigration advisers how to move their families overseas.

How to use company seal hong kong? In Hong Kong, under the New Companies Ordinance (NCO), companies are no longer required to have a common seal. Contact Executive Solutions Ltd to know more."We receive an inquiry every two to three minutes," said the chief executive of Global House (Global Home), a real estate and immigration consultancy. Mr Leung said the company's customer demand had ballooned to about 20 times normal levels, with Taiwan and Europe being one of the most frequently asked destinations.

As many countries are still enforcing travel restrictions to fight the coronavirus, it is too early to estimate how many Hong Kong people will eventually move out. But advisers say the likelihood of eventual immigration is increasing as lawmakers in the UK, the US and Taiwan signal that they may relax entry requirements for some Hong Kong citizens. Carrie Lam and her husband both hold British National (overseas) passports and they haven't decided where to move to. Canada is at the top of the list, but their first choice is Britain. The Home Office said it could open a path to citizenship for nearly 3 million Hong Kong residents with British National (overseas) status. "in any case, we will send these children away." "We do not think that the current environment in Hong Kong is good, nor do we think that they are good."

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