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Semiconductor foundry market: global industry trends, sharing, scale, growth, opportunities and forecasts 2020-2025 report.

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The current global semiconductor foundry market is growing strongly. Semiconductor foundries, also known as fabs and manufacturing plants, refer to factories that use photolithography to manufacture devices such as integrated circuits (ICs). The process includes photographing circuit patterns on the photosensitive substrate and chemically etching the background. IC is produced in different technology nodes such as 7nm, 10nm, 20nm, etc., which can meet a variety of applications. The semiconductor foundry includes a clean room with a controlled environment to eliminate dust and vibration, and keep the humidity and temperature within a controlled range. They were first developed in the late 1980s, and usually include integrated equipment manufacturers (IDMs) that are primarily focused on manufacturing.

The growing demand for ICs used in automobiles, consumer electronics, medical equipment, military equipment, and smart home appliances is one of the main factors driving market growth. In addition, the increasing popularity of devices supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) worldwide has a positive impact on the demand for ICs. IoT devices process information to make decisions and help users connect various devices to the Internet. As a result, they are used in multiple industries, including retail, medical, automotive, and electronics industries.

In addition, government support for the development of semiconductor technology in many countries is stimulating market growth. For example, New York Research, Economic Development, Technology, Engineering and Science Center and Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology leader Cree, Inc. announced on September 23, 2019 to establish a partnership to develop silicon carbide (SiC) technology. The world's first 200mm SiC wafer manufacturing plant in Marcy near Utica. The company will invest $ 1 billion in this project, including Empire State Development, the New York State Economic Development Entrepreneurship Agency, which provides Grants in dollars. Looking ahead, publishers expect the market to have a compound annual growth rate of approximately 9% during 2020-2025.

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